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Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment

A part-time Master's course from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Studying at Cambridge


Dr Francesco Pomponi

Dr Francesco Pomponi

Dr Francesco Pomponi is a professional engineer who worked for six years in a glass company prior to returning to academia in 2012.


Francesco’s expertise lies in glass structures and façades, low carbon refurbishments, embodied energy and carbon, and life cycle assessment (LCA). Francesco is currently working on a project led by Dr Alice Moncaster on 'Quantifying embodied carbon reduction potential in buildings’ and his research focuses on measurement, management and mitigation of the impacts of the built environment on the natural environment.

Francesco holds a BEng in Industrial Engineering, an MSc in Engineering Management, and has submitted his doctoral thesis at the University of Brighton in September 2015, where he is co-supervising two students working on environmental impacts of maintenance processes for glazed façades and comparative LCA of traditional vs. modern methods of constructions in Palestine. Francesco is keenly interested in research on life cycle thinking and sustainable development, with a a view at the orchestrated use of physical, social, and management sciences. 

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