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Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment

Part-time Master's and Postgraduate Certificate courses from the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Studying at Cambridge


Fees and sources of funding


Master's Programme

The Combined Graduate Fee (VAT-exempt) for the IDBE 2020–2022 is £10,725 per year for Home/EU and overseas students, ie £21,450 in total.

Approximately 25 per cent of the fee covers membership of a Cambridge College, which provides a range of domestic and pastoral services. It excludes accommodation and subsistence costs; however students are offered the option of reasonably priced accommodation at their College.

As a member of the college you will have a college account and will be able to use your University card to pay for meals as long as you have added money to it. Accomodation, food and drinks are provided by Wolfson College at a reduced member rate.

Postgraduate Certificate

The course fee for the Postgraduate Certificate is £6,240 for Home/EU and overseas students. This includes accommodation for the two residential workshops in Cambridge, but not subsistence.

Sources of funding

Many companies recognise the benefit of their employees participating in the IDBE programmes and as such, support them by paying their course fees, either in full or in part.   When this is not possible, we would suggest exploring some of the funding options below:

For the Master’s programme only, EU citizens may be eligible for a UK government loan (visit the UK Government website to find out more). This site also contains details of (very limited) other funding opportunities.

The University's Institute of Continuing Education lists a number of possible sources of funding for part-time study. We have also have compiled a list of resources which might be helpful in identifying potential sources of funding.

There is a website that provides access to general information on University-administered and external sources of funding and loans for graduate students, and includes a searchable database. Much of this is geared towards full-time study and Master of Studies (part-time) students are not eligible to apply to the Cambridge Trusts, for example. Nevertheless, it may be worth checking if anything suitable is available, since the database is updated frequently. 

IDBE master’s applicants may wish to enter the Scholarship for Outstanding Ability competition. There are also some limited bursaries available for the master’s. Full details can be found here.