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Sustainability Leadership for the Built Environment (IDBE)

Part-time Master's and Postgraduate Certificate courses from the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

The modern construction industry uses a wider variety of technologies and materials than ever before, and the speed of innovation means that new ones are constantly being tested.  These innovations have transformed and influenced the design process and built environment practice, from inception through to construction.  Innovations and new technologies strive to maximise efficiency in a rapidly changing professional landscape.  This results in significant current and potential future impacts across every aspect of the construction process.

Expertise and IDBE interests in this area include:

  • Balancing energy efficiency measures and low and/or zero-carbon technology in construction - Maria Christina Georgiadou
  • Bringing new products to market – Judith Britnell
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) – Jim Platts, Eleanor Voss
  • Expert knowledge systems and parametric design – Eleanor Voss
  • Innovation in the construction industry – Alice Moncaster
  • Low carbon materials – Alice Moncaster
  • Passive house technology – Ray Galvin

Selected publications:

  • Voss, E., Jin, Q., & Overend, M. (2013). "A BPMN-Based Process Map for the Design, Construction and Operation of Facades". Journal of Facade Design and Engineering, 1(1-2), 16–29.
  • Voss, E. (2012). "A Tool that Combines Building Information Modeling and Knowledge Based Engineering to Assess Façade Manufacturability". In T. U. of G. Englhardt, O (Ed.), Advanced Building Skins. Graz, Austria: Technical University of Graz.


CISL is monitoring the Covid-19 situation and responding accordingly to UK Government and University advice. At present, we expect to deliver our Graduate programmes starting in 2021 as advertised. We are well equipped to deliver dynamic and engaging workshops remotely, should the situation demand. Find out more.

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