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Sustainability Leadership for the Built Environment (IDBE)

Part-time Master's and Postgraduate Certificate courses from the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership


Most of his recent research has been in energy saving in buildings, including the influences of policy, building design, and consumer behaviour. Ray works at two universities: the Department of Architecture at Cambridge and the School of Economics and Business Studies at RWTH-Aachen University, Germany. At Cambridge he is currently researching the influence of aesthetic values on home energy-efficiency upgrade decisions. At Aachen his work is on energy performance failures in non-residential buildings, plus a broader project on energy and economics in Germany’s largest state, North-Rhine Westphalia. Ray's underlying concern is how we can save energy and reduce climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions without depriving poorer people of life’s basic necessities. 


Dr Ray Galvin’s field of work is environmental science, with an interdisciplinary background in engineering, social sciences, policy studies, and more recently economics.
Dr Ray  Galvin

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