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Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment

Part-time Master's and Postgraduate Certificate courses from the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Studying at Cambridge



Tony Ip2Tony Ip, award-winning sustainable design Architect and Urban Designer.

Tony reflects on the lasting impact of studying the IDBE and the need for a visionary approach and a global perspective to drive change within the built environment. Read his blog ‘A profound change in design ideology’ here.

Gary Cass2Gary Cass, Regional Operations Manager for Aedis Regulatory Services Ltd – IDBE 22

Gary explains how studying the part-time IDBE has catalysed his career, brought value to his organisation and helped him grow professionally and personally. Read his blog here.

Helene GosdenHelene Gosden, Senior Design Manager at Arup – IDBE 20

Helene reflects on how studying the IDBE exceeded her expectations, helping her to progress her career and achieve impact by opening her mind to new people, perspectives and the broader societal, economic and environmental drivers that shape the built environment. Read her blog, Step change towards sustainability; an IDBE student’s story.

Jason Pomeroy idbeProfessor Jason Pomeroy is an award-winning architect, academic, author and TV personality at the forefront of the sustainable built environment agenda – IDBE 10

In his blog ‘From St Paul’s to Singapore - an architectural education’ Jason explains how IDBE gave him a greater appreciation and understanding of different built-environment agendas that allowed him to be more influential in the boardroom and in more complex interdisciplinary project situations.

Adrian Campbell, founder and director of sustainable building design company changebuilding

In his blog 'The boundaries of sustainable design innovation and how I challenged them: A look back at the impact of the IDBE', Adrian discusses how the interdisciplinary working techniques and sustainability concepts he was taught to consider on the IDBE became integral to his working practice.

Seun AdekunbiSeun Adekunbi, Infrastructure Management Consultant – IDBE 17

"IDBE is an incredible, powerful and transformative course. Learning from professionals from a variety of backgrounds was invaluable. In addition, combining real-life experiences, meaningful projects and a networking environment provided me with an edge in a highly competitive industry."

Mahmood AhmedMahmood Ahmed, Chartered Quantity Surveyor; Contracts Manager for a large Project Management Practice in the Middle East – IDBE 14

"The course ingrained in me values such as team work, partnering and collaborative working to successfully design and manage large construction projects."

Keith-Goh.jpgKeith Goh, Architect, SingaporeIDBE 19

"IDBE has challenged me to extend beyond my own field and knowledge. The valuable experiences are indeed motivated by each and every aspiring member within the team."

Phebe MannPhebe Mann, WISE/UKRC Woman of Outstanding Achievement, Top 50 Women in Engineering Award 2018 (WE50) – IDBE 1

"IDBE equipped me with the advocacy, innovation and interdisciplinary skills needed to be a leader for the built environment."

Stephen McLandrichStephen McLandrich, Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Arup – IDBE 19

"The Cambridge environment abounds in intellectual stimulation, conversation and exploration and the IDBE course uses topical themes as a framework to consider the way we scope, design and deliver projects."

Laila MehrpourLaila Mehrpour, Product Development Manager, Lend Lease – IDBE 16

"The course gave me the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the industry, while encouraging me to think more broadly about my own contribution to its future."

Tanya RossTanya Ross, Design Manager, Buro Happold IDBE 6

"Examining design decisions from first principles and engaging with brilliant academic minds on some of the big issues in the built environment."

Paul StantonPaul Stanton, Transport Planner – IDBE 17

"IDBE has helped to reinvigorate my career both in academic and vocational terms and allowed me to establish a great network of similarly motivated professionals."


Deb ThomasDeb Thomas, Director, Arup

"We have sponsored almost 50 students to do IDBE over the 20 years of the course, many of whom are now in senior leadership positions. We value the broadening of thinking that the course demands of students, leading to an increased confidence in questioning and leading design decisions in the professional arena."


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